Intents vs. traditional methods


If address 0x1234...23422 holds less than 60% of the pool, I want to remove my TOKEN_X / WETH from the liquidity pool and swap all my TOKEN_X to USDC.

Traditional (Manually)

  1. Use <tool1> or <tool2> to create an email or telegram alert for any changes in the TOKEN_X/WETH Uniswap V2 pool

  2. Alternatively, monitor the pool every few hours with <tool1> <tool2>

  3. Calculate (Manually) the percentage of the pool that addresses 0x1234...23422 hold

  4. When it is less than 60%, go to, connect your wallet, and fill out all the necessary fields to send your liquidity token and receive your TOKEN_X and WETH.

  5. Sign the "remove liquidity" transaction and wait for confirmation.

  6. Swap all your TOKEN_X to USDC at

  7. Provide all the required details.

  8. Sign the "swap" transaction and wait for it to be confirmed.

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